Springer Spaniel Obedience Training


A Springer Spaniel puppy is one of the most adorable things anyone can set their eyes on. Its appearance alone is bound to make dog haters “ooh” and “aah”. Pair that with the playful little scamp’s mischievous yet innocent actions, and your pet will be irresistible. However, unless your puppy undergoes proper Springer Spaniel obedience training, its puppy antics can become tiring and destructive.

You can easily start taking your pet to special Springer Spaniel obedience training. However, you should keep that as a last resort. Instead, focus on teaching your puppy the following Springer Spaniel obedience training instructions and you will have the best-behaved Springer Spaniel around the block.

Ready? Read on!


This is the most important command you should master while training your dog. Hearing it will also indicate to others that your dog obeys your orders, thus individuals who scare easily will be more confident while approaching you.

To train your dog to sit, keep a doggy treat in hand, clearly say “Sit!”, and push your dog’s bottom to the ground. Once it does sit, award your dog with the treat. Keep on doing this until your dog sits down at the sound of the instruction.

Lie Down

This is the second most important command in Springer Spaniel obedience training. You can teach your dog how to comply with this command by placing a treat at the spot your dog’s nose would be when it lies down. While clearly saying “Lie Down!” push your dog’s shoulders until it completely rests on the floor. Repeat this until your dog lies down on its own.


Make your dog sit down or lie down before you start. After that, show it a tasty treat and say “Stay!” If your dog moves, take it back to the starting point and perform the whole thing again. You will need to do this a few times before it understand that it should remain still. At first, give your pet a treat if it stays put for a few seconds. After that, start extending the amount of time it needs to be immobile before you can reward it with a tasty treat.


Puppies are always chewing on one thing or the other, thus you should teach them a command that tells them to let go of whatever they have in their mouths. To teach them how to react to the “Leave!” command, place your dog’s favorite toy on the ground. Once it starts heading to it, sternly say “Leave!” then hand it a doggy treat.


You can teach your dog to retrieve things through this command. Simply throw a ball for your dog and say “Fetch!” If your dog runs the other way, turn your back to it and walk away. If it returns with the ball, throw a small tantrum to show it that you’re angry, then throw it again while saying “Fetch!”

Using these five instructions during you Springer Spaniel obedience training, your dog will easily behave itself and both of you will live happily ever after.