Springer Spaniel Chewing


The energetic and playful Springer Spaniel is a great pet to have. From its playful attitude to its resilient personality, this dog really is man’s best friend. These dogs need to be walked at least once a day because they have a high amount of energy which needs to be expended. If it isn’t, then you will see an increase in other activities such as Springer Spaniel chewing whatever it can find.

Springer Spaniel chewing can become somewhat of a nuisance if you don’t provide it the right things to chew on. You will soon realize that your Springer Spaniel’s chewing is getting out of hand and you have to be watchful just like you do with a baby that’s teething. You have to save everything in sight before it goes in their mouth!

People who own Springer Spaniels consider them to be one of the friendliest dogs. This friendliness does not just come about, but rather, one has to spend an adequate amount of time to gain the trust and friendship of a Springer Spaniel. Some dogs of this breed are known to be quite dominant and aggressive if pushed to their limits. However, if you treat a Springer Spaniel with the respect it deserves, it will love you back just the same.

Obedience training plays a very important role in molding Springer Spaniel chewing habits. Although Springer Spaniels can be quite lively and sometimes even rowdy, they respond well to obedience training. As long as the Spaniel is given an adequate amount of love and affection, it is quick to pick up on good habits. However, if you consider yourself to be a clean freak and can’t handle a little mud and dirt brought inside the house by your dog, then maybe a Springer Spaniel is not the right choice for you.

Springer Spaniel chewing is inevitable and you have to learn ways to reduce the amount of destruction caused in your house. This breed of dogs is known to be aggressive in chewing so an owner should always take a few things into account when their Springer Spaniel starts to chew.

Firstly, it’s very important to have a chewing toy available at all times. Make sure that the toy is more appealing than other items lying around in your household like your shoes. Try to buy a toy that can hold food inside it so that gives your Springer Spaniel more of an incentive to stick to chewing it. A commonly used toy to handle Springer Spaniel chewing is a Kong which is easily available at pet stores. This toy stores a treat inside of it and makes it irresistible to most Springer Spaniels.

Secondly, don’t forget that your Springer Spaniel needs a lot of physical activity. This will bring the Springer Spaniel chewing down.  As stated earlier, these dogs are very energetic which is why they need to channel their energy the right way. And the right way is through exercising and playing. If you are able to give your Springer Spaniel an adequate amount of exercise throughout the day, it will be too tired to get into mischief and will especially restrain itself from chewing your shoes or furniture.

Just make sure that your Springer Spaniel is old enough for you to take it on a long walk (more than 30 minutes). Once they become older and have stronger bones, they will be able to fully enjoy these long walks. However, if they are too strained physically at a young age, it might have lasting repercussions on their growth.

Within a matter of time you will see that your Springer Spaniel chewing has gone down and your obedience training has come quite in handy.