Springer Spaniel Aggression


An aggressive Springer Spaniel can be very scary. The first thing that comes to mind is the visions of a crazy dog, frothing at the mouth and ready to bite anything remotely in its path.

The biggest reason for a sudden assault of Springer Spaniel aggression is related to dogs’ genes. Sometimes, their brains stop producing a certain chemical known to promote calmness and non aggression. This condition is so wide spread among English Spaniel Springer’s that it has its own name -The Springer Rage Syndrome.

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But sadly, it is not the only cause of Springer Spaniel Aggression. Canine rage has several reasons, and not all of them are medical. Some English Springer Spaniels can get into fits or rage and anger due to psychological behavioral problems as well.

But, it is still worthwhile to have an aggressive Springer Spaniel visit the doctor to rule out any medical issues at first. Another medical reason for Springer Spaniel Aggression is mental lapse aggression. If your dog experiences “fits” of aggression for a few moments but recovers from them and becomes normal like nothing ever happened, it may have this problem. This is actually a form of epilepsy in dogs, thus requires serious medical attention.

Start by visiting a vet to find a solution to your dog’s aggression. If the medical problems are completely ruled out, your next stop will be a board certified veterinary behaviorist. These people are experts at finding reasons for a dog’s behavioral issues.

Springer Spaniel aggression requires more than just behavior modification therapies for dogs. You will need to get right down to the cause of the sudden changes in moods and behavior. Some people advocate the use of shock or spray collars, but that is a cruel and inhumane way of telling your dog not to be aggressive. Dogs trained using this method are insecure, sad little souls. Instead, you should understand the root cause and enforce discipline and trust to eliminate Springer Spaniel aggression.

When witnessing these fits of aggression, do keep in mind to notice if there is a pattern to your dog’s barking. Does it bark at objects or people? Is it grown ups or children that are the objects of its rage? Is anyone going down the street a victim or only those who come into your home or cross the backyard?

Springer Spaniel Aggression can also be caused by dominance issues. These come about when your dog starts to see itself as the leader of the pack and asserts its dominance over everyone. Here, a dog trainer can help you become the leader again. This is not going to happen through the use of aggression on your part, but through a series of intelligent encounters where the dog will see you as the leader and learn to quietly follow your commands.

Springer Spaniels aren’t delicate dogs. They need good, regular exercise and an emotional connection to everyone around them to stay happy and healthy. Try not to leave your dog alone for too long and always be generous with praises and love and you will have a happy dog to be your companion for a long time.